Autovision Wheel Powder Coating

Keeping your alloys looking great!

Wheel powder coating solutions

A better finish to your vehicles alloys

The finishing touch to your car wheels

Autovision's alloy wheel powder coating service brings your vehicles alloy wheels to life with a sleek and decorative finish.

What makes Autovision's wheel powder coating service unique?
Autovision repair any damage to your alloy wheels prior to applying  powder coating meaning your wheels are in pristine shape when the car is returned back to you!

So how does it work?
The powder coating in applied to your vehicles alloy wheels much like a traditional paint job. The difference is that the powder coating settles on the surface dry rather than when a liquid is applied. Once the coating is applied it is then heated treated and the paint comes out of the coating and forms a durable gel over the surface of the wheel.

Once the coating process is complete a lacquer is applied on top of it to protect against UV damage, light scratches, pollution and wash swirls.

Autovision's alloy wheel powder coating is a highly recommended service to people who want to keep their vehicles alloy wheels looking great! So get in touch today and let us book your vehicle in for a little alloy wheel TLC

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Wheel Powder Coating

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Autovision - your first and only solution for high quality vehicle wraps, window tinting and vehicle customisation in Lowestoft.

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Autovision's range of vehicle customisation services are second to none, we pride ourselves on both the quality of our work and the customer service as a whole.

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Autovision's team excel in all aspects of the services we offer to our customers and are on hand to help you find the right solution to all your vehicle customisation requirements.

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At Autovision we pride ourselves not only on our exceptional services but also the value for money we offer! Save money and time with a trip to the professionals!

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